📚 A Message from the CEO

Plus Turtles, An Upcoming Giveaway and the Best Tasting Milk You've Ever Had

Dear Educators,

This is Muhammad, the CEO of Goodable. Last week, something personal happened that made me think about all of you. On Friday, we received a letter from our school principal that no parent ever wants to see: A child at the school had died. He was in Grade 9 and went into anaphylactic distress at night. The school responded by doing everything it could - bringing in counselors, trauma support and even therapy dogs. There was no foul play, but that doesn’t diminish the grief felt by the entire community over such a shocking, sudden loss.

It made me think about all of you. I think educators are the unsung heroes of our time. You’re put in tough situations and when tragedies strike, you’re the first line of defense. Not every child’s home life is safe or emotionally stable and you wind up being tasked with providing strength and emotional support to children when they need it the most.

All of this reminds me of Mister Rogers. I grew up watching him on PBS. He once asked his mother what he should do when he turned on the news and it was filled with scary things. His mother answers: “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people helping.”

Thank you for all that you do. We promise to support you to help students find positivity in a world that puts unpredictable hurdles in our path.

Now off to this week’s stories!

This Week’s Edition is Brought to You by the Letter N … for Neutral

Pop quiz: What do Lebron James, Bill Gates, and John Legend all have in common? They’ve all invested in a new agriculture process called carbon neutral farming. That’s right, when Lebron isn’t busy breaking records on the court, he’s supporting a new environmentally-conscious company called Neutral that makes 100% carbon neutral milk and dairy. We’re going to be announcing some giveaways soon (hot chocolate for your classroom, anyone?), but in the meantime, check out this fun video we made near Portland, Oregon with Jake, who explains why reducing carbon emissions on farms is so critical for fighting climate change.

Dozens of Rare Tortoises Now Call New Mexico Home

Discover a remarkable conservation journey in a story of patience, partnership, and the promise of generations working together for a rare species’ survival.

U.K. Woman is Breaking Records and Inspiring Us All

Meet Lexi Chambers, who is breaking records and barriers on an amazing odyssey to overcome challenges and make a difference in the world.

Lost and Found: Rare Holly Tree Discovered After Missing for 200 Years

Journey to the lush jungles of Brazil, where an elusive botanical treasure thought to be lost for centuries, has emerged from obscurity. Join the adventure as we unveil the emotional moment of its rediscovery and the critical mission to safeguard its future.

A Special Delivery For Planet Earth

A NASA asteroid hunter has been high above our heads for the past seven years and now it’s about to come home with some extraordinary treasures. The 6.4-billion-kilometer adventure might just hold the key to the origins of the universe.

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