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Ancient Sea Creatures, Giant Vacuums and the Key to Longevity

Happy Tuesday esteemed educators!

We’re coming to you on a Tuesday this week as it was a holiday here in Canada yesterday.

It was Victoria Day, or as many affectionately call it, “May 2-4.” Originally, it was always celebrated on Queen Victoria’s actual birthday, which was May 24th. But, in 1952, an amendment to the Statutes of Canada established the celebration of Victoria Day on the Monday preceding May 25, and it remains that way to this day. Of course, we no longer celebrate Queen Victoria; instead, Victoria Day is the day on which we celebrate the sovereign—in this case, King Charles—even though it’s not his actual birthday.

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11-Year-Old Finds Bones of Ancient Sea Creature
(Grades 1-5)

Before dinosaurs roamed the earth, giant reptiles ruled the sea. Now, scientists have discovered what they believe could be the largest one ever!

World’s Largest Vacuum Sucks Carbon From the Air (Grades 1-5)

Just like your home vacuum cleaner picks up dust and crumbs from your floors, scientists are working on a giant version that would remove carbon from the atmosphere. And guess what? This incredible idea is on the verge of becoming a reality.

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The Habit That Keeps You Smiling For Longer
(Grades 6-8)

The key to a long, vibrant life might be much easier than you ever imagined. There's one super simple daily habit that could completely transform your longevity, and it's something totally unexpected.

Can We Build a Solar Power Plant in Space?
(Grades 6-8)

In the future, our energy might not come from fossil fuels buried deep underground, but instead, from the vast expanse of space. It sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Well, next year, Japan is gearing up to launch an incredible project that might just change the way we power our planet.

Scientists Learn How to Speak Whale
(Grades 9-12)

Imagine if the ocean had its own social network, and the sperm whales were the original influencers. These gigantic sea behemoths aren't just floating around aimlessly; they're busy sending each other underwater DMs in the form of clicks and calls. Are they sharing the latest gossip, planning a deep-sea party, or just complaining about the krill shortage? We may soon find out!