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A Reading Secret Revealed

Happy Monday, educators extraordinaire!

What is it about kids and construction? These third graders in Minnesota love watching construction workers dig beside their school so they posted a note on their classroom window. And get this - amid all the chaos of a construction site, these workers took a moment to actually send them a message back! It’s a reminder to all of us that even in the most unexpected places, there's a little bit of magic waiting to be discovered.🚜 🚧

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What’s the Secret to Reading Better?
(Grades 1-5)

In a classroom in Delaware, the transformative potential of reading extends beyond the conventional boundaries of words on paper. One teacher has found a way to get her students to read better and it has four legs and a tail.

A Childhood Dream is About to Liftoff
(Grades 1-5)

Victor Glover was just 10 years old when he watched a space shuttle launch on TV and decided on the spot that he wanted to find a way on board. It took nearly four decades, but he is finally getting his shot at an out-of-this-world mission.

New this week: Hilarious and inspiring actor, Ken Jeong, shares a heartfelt message about how you can discover your passion. He talks about his own journey from a shy kid to a celebrated actor fueled by persistence and the support of his family. Words of wisdom from Hollywood’s most inspiring celebrities, including Lin Manuel Miranda, Natalie Portman, Lisa Kudrow and more are all available in the Goodable app! Try it free! 👇🏼

How a Coach’s Words Saved a Life
(Grades 6-8)

Words may be one of the most powerful tools we have. We can all use them and there is no dollar figure you can put on them. Words can open doors that hands cannot. They can break down barriers. Just a few words can ruin someone’s day or make it better. It's important how we use our words and for one boy, they saved his life.

Guide Dogs Get a High-Tech Competitor
(Grades 6-8)

What would you do if you were visually impaired but allergic to dogs? A traditional guide dog wouldn’t be a great option. Scientists at the University of Glasgow have been wrestling with this idea and what they’ve come up with may be about to revolutionize accessibility for those with sight loss.

How Three Best Friends From Ukraine Reunited at Their Prom
(Grades 9-12)

Discover how three best friends from Ukraine defied a war to keep their promise of reuniting for the most unforgettable prom night.