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New Grade-Specific Worksheets!

Happy Monday, fabulous educators! We hope you all had a fantastic weekend. This week, we’re trying something a little different.

Based on recommendations from our mid-week poll, our worksheets this week are tailored for different comprehension levels. The goal? To make your classroom prep even easier! For those who missed out on the poll, feel free to send us feedback anytime at [email protected].

Meanwhile, we want to share a heartwarming story about an incredible teacher named Heather Benoit. She's had the privilege of teaching first graders, second graders, third graders and even special education students. During her last Christmas season as a classroom instructor, something extraordinary happened and it is a lesson for all of us.

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A Historic First For Space Medicine
(Grades 1-5)

Imagine you’re on a mission to explore space, but someone on the crew suddenly gets sick. Maybe they have a problem like appendicitis. It’s a scary situation, especially when you’re millions of miles away from any hospital. But there may be a solution that comes in the form of a tiny, two-pound robot.

How Tracking Animals May Save the Planet
(Grades 1-5)

There was something strange about the way the sharks were moving between the islands of the Bahamas. So marine biologists decided to figure out what was going on. The eventual answer did more than solve a minor mystery of animal behavior.

New this week: Hollywood actor and star of This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown gives an inspiring talk about turning life's battles into badges of honor, promising a journey of growth, connection and unstoppable resilience. Words of wisdom from Hollywood’s most inspiring celebrities, including Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, Viola Davis and more are all available in the Goodable app! Try it free! 👇🏼

The Secret Ingredient to a Longer Life
(Grades 6-8)

Your love for spice might just add years to your life. From tantalizing taste buds to potential health perks, this story will have you reaching for the hot sauce with newfound enthusiasm!

How an Astronaut and the Internet Embraced This Boy Who Was Bullied for Loving Space
(Grades 6-8)

A young space enthusiast faces teasing from classmates for his out-of-this-world passion. But when his sister's plea for help goes viral, they find support from an unexpected source.

Why Depression May Need to Chill Out, Literally
(Grades 9-12)

What does body temperature have to do with depression? New research suggests there may be a mental health benefit to chilling out.