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The Unstoppable Mr. Smalls

Happy Monday, amazing educators!

It's already the last week of our Black History Month celebrations and we've got something truly special planned to wrap up our celebrations. At the height of the Civil War, Charleston, South Carolina’s waterfront was the backdrop for one enslaved man’s daring escape. This is the story of the unstoppable Robert Smalls who risked his life to save his family and became a legend in the process.

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12-Year-Old Publishes His Fourth Book

Nicholas Buamah is rewriting the rules of what it means to be a literary sensation. From bestselling author to TV show creator and philanthropist, this young trailblazer proves that age is just a number and the sky is truly not the limit.

How A Dog Could End Traffic Jams

Meet Spot, the robot dog, a futuristic marvel poised to transform the way highways are maintained and repaired. With its cutting-edge technology, Spot promises to pave the way for a safer, more efficient future on the roads.

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Ancient Mars Looked Very Different

Millions of miles away, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has snapped astonishing images that could rewrite the Red Planet's history.

This Special Smile Could Be the Key to Happiness

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