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Meet the Woman Who Changed the Periodic Table and an 8-Year-Old Who is Punching Above His Weight

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An Ancient Tree That Could Change Everything

In the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, lies a treasure buried deep beneath layers of time—the discovery of which is changing our understanding of the ancient woodlands of Earth.

Ancient Secrets Are No Match For This Trio

This is a story about Youssef, Luke, and Julien, three young students from three different countries. It’s a story of adventure, discovery, and the timeless quest for knowledge—a story of the whispered secrets of bygone civilizations.

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Giving Amputees Back the Power of Touch

Touch shapes our deepest connections and experiences, and a new technology restores the warmth of human contact to those who have lost it.

Meet the Woman Who Changed the Periodic Table

Few discoveries hold as much significance as those that find their place on the periodic table of elements. And few stories are like that of Clarice Phelps, who not only discovered an unknown element but broke barriers while doing it.

Britain’s Best Junior Boxer is 8 Years Old

From smashing world records to attracting the attention of boxing legends, this 8-year-old’s story is one of determination, resilience, and unwavering passion. Join us as we get in the ring with this pint-sized powerhouse and discover the champion within.