📚 Lesson Plan #20

Black History Month

Happiest of Mondays!

We’re kicking off Black History Month with an abundance of positivity and inspiration for your classroom. At Goodable, we believe in the power of good news and its profound impact on fostering a positive learning environment. That's why we are excited to announce a special initiative for Goodable in the Classroom, featuring a curated selection of Goodable-approved videos throughout the month.

Our mission is to bring the stories of remarkable individuals, historical milestones and the richness of Black history directly to your students. This week we’re focusing on Ruby Bridges who, at the tender age of just 6, changed classrooms across America forever.

With Goodable in the Classroom, you can effortlessly incorporate positive narratives that empower and uplift your students and most of all spread hope. Let's make the most of this opportunity to do something extraordinary and leave a lasting impact on our community.👇🏽

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Turning a New Leaf with "Power Plants"

Researchers are exploring the realm of renewable energy - specifically power and where we get it. In this marriage of science and nature, they’ve come up with an idea that is not only beautiful but could change how we think about sustainability.

A Polar Pursuit Against All Odds

We all face obstacles in life. Some we can plan and prepare for but others are things that would never have occurred to us in a million years. When life didn’t go as planned for Darren Edwards, he found a way to prove that even amidst the most unexpected challenges, triumphs were still within reach.

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Scents Can Secretly Boost Your Productivity

Your nose holds remarkable power, capable of propelling your brain to unparalleled heights. Within the seemingly ordinary aromas that surround us every day, lies an untapped reservoir of potential that could take your concentration and overall performance to extraordinary levels.

Youth League and MLB Team Up to Right a Wrong

Just days before Jackie Robinson would have turned 105, the unthinkable happened. In the middle of the night, thieves stole a statue of the legendary baseball player, that a youth league had put up. But this story has a positive twist with help from some heavy hitters.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Our Mental Health?

Artificial intelligence can help us write, it can create videos and it has even performed surgery. So can it help solve the growing mental health crisis? Researchers think there’s room for optimism.