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Maui Comes Together for a Special Surf After the Wildfires

Catch the wave of hope and resilience! Families affected by the Maui wildfires reunite for a heartwarming surf session at Ho’okipa Beach. Join dozens of kids and their parents as they ride the waves, sharing smiles, healing, and the unbreakable spirit of community.

Researchers Help the Voiceless Talk Again

Discover the remarkable breakthrough where the power of thoughts is bringing speech back for people with paralysis. Researchers from Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco, have unveiled groundbreaking Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) that allow individuals who've lost their ability to speak due to conditions like ALS or stroke to communicate once again.

Watch the video here!

A Rare Baby Leopard Was Just Born at the Oklahoma City Zoo

This little feline isn't just adorable; he's on a mission to become an ambassador for his species and a symbol of wildlife conservation efforts. This rare, clouded leopard is the first of its kind born this year and is playing a crucial role in protecting this species.

These 11-Year-Olds Mowed Lawns for Free - So They Were Gifted Equipment to Start Their Own Business

In the heart of Huntsville, Alabama, two 11-year-olds, Ja’Torrian Taylor and Tevin Rice, are rewriting the story of their dreams, thanks to a remarkable challenge set by a local legend. Known as "The Lawnmower Man," Rodney Smith Jr. has been on a mission for the past 8 years tending to lawns and nurturing communities.

This New Telescope Could be One of the Most Powerful Tools Searching the Night Sky

Get ready to witness the cosmos like never before! The Vera Rubin Observatory is about to open our eyes to a whole new universe of possibilities. The Rubin Observatory is gearing up to welcome a multitude of interstellar travelers.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: A Thrift Shop Manager Finds $5,000 and Returns it to the Person Who Lost it

What would you do if you found $100? What about $1,000? What about much more than that? A thrift shop manager did. It's what he did after finding fistfuls of cash that's a reminder of how kindness can be paid forward without expecting anything in return.

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