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The Kids Really Are All Right, A Soap That Treats Cancer and a Cool Fish Story

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Can A Bar of Soap Treat Cancer?

A young mind unveils a promising solution to treat skin cancer, offering hope for a brighter and healthier future.

Kids Have a Unique Perspective on Kindness

There’s a powerful and positive force that's shaping young hearts and minds. It's not just niceness; it's something extraordinary. Get ready to be inspired!

That’s Cool! Researchers Create Air-Conditioning For Fish

A secret weapon against climate change is hidden beneath the river's surface. Uncover the remarkable innovation that's changing the game for Atlantic salmon in their struggle for survival.

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Cracking the Code to 100: The Surprising Secrets to Longevity

Why are centenarians on the rise and what's the key to their incredible longevity? A groundbreaking study uncovers the secrets that may unlock the mystery of living past 100.

Meet a 12-year-old Surfer Riding a Wave of Compassion

Get ready to be swept away by an extraordinary young surfer who's making waves in the lives of others. In a story filled with inspiration, we'll dive into the world of passion, courage, and the magic of the ocean.